Why Self Care Is Important This Summer?

  • Post last modified:December 19, 2023
  • Post category:Counseling

As our cities open up and many of us are vaccinated and feeling safer to gather there can be a pressure to make big plans this Summer. 

We have collectively struggled with isolation over the last year. Now that there are opportunities to, relatively safely, venture out, we may feel that we need to say yes to everything! That we need to be traveling, partying, gathering to make up for lost time. 

This pressure can challenge our already strained mental state. 

We, at Kaafi Counseling, want to encourage you to reflect on your needs and boundaries as you plan your Summer season. 

Self care will look different for us all. Gathering safely is definitely an exciting addition to our schedules, but let’s not forget to continue to tend to our own gardens. Taking care of yourself may not seem as glamorous as lounging poolside with pals, but it is worth it!