Somatic coaching

Somatics is a system of transformation

Somatics centers the body as the site of knowledge and experience – and so, the site of transformation.

At Kaafi Counseling we acknowledge that economics, history, and social norms shape our realities. Through Somatic Coaching you can explore the ways these forces have and continue to impact you and your communities and strengthen your inherent resilience. Somatics supports healing from trauma and oppression.

Our one-on-one and group Somatic Coaching sessions are culturally responsive, always trauma informed, and tailored to each client.


Amal Rogers, our skilled somatic practitioner, can support you in discovering your habituated patterns and beliefs, as well as your values and deepest desires. While cultivating awareness, Amal will facilitate new practices that help widen the availability of your choices and increase your ability to act in alignment with your values.

Amal Rogers is a somatic practitioner, educator, birth worker, and performance artist. She works to empower people toward a greater connection with the self, with others, and with the environment. Amal’s grounding in dance and movement gives her a deep and subtle knowledge of the body. She draws on this well of experience as she guides clients toward self-awareness and supports them in the discovery and embodiment of their own unique path. Amal holds a few degrees and more certifications, she has taught and performed in cities across the U.S., abroad, and on the internet, she is a parent, she is committed to people’s liberation movements, and she is based in Miami, FL.

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Amal endeavors to provide affordable access to her services, so please email her at for booking and questions or complete the form below for request an appointment to schedule your Q & A Discovery Call.