What is Somatic Coaching?

  • Post last modified:December 19, 2023
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Kaafi Counseling is excited to announce that, starting in early 2022, Amal Rogers will be offering Somatic Coaching. to the community In addition to her work with the practice, Amal is an educator, organizer, and dance artist.

Amal Rogers will scaffold this offering with a series of informative blog posts on Somatic Coaching and embodiment.

What is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic Coaching is an approach to one-on-one work toward personal transformation that is rooted in the body. Somatic Coaching is a complement to traditional talk therapy as it moves from the brain and cognition to the body and sensation. Working with the body is a powerful way to both address our past traumas and to prepare for our future goals. 

In our current society our bodies are often an afterthought – but our bodies hold so much information and contain pathways to wholeness. Engaging with our physical experiences can offer insight and strength in ways that are surprising and sometimes challenging. Like having a therapist, having someone to guide and support us on the journey of learning through our bodies can deepen the work and provide containers for safety and understanding. Somatic Coaching can benefit anyone, we all deserve to be in an active relationship with our bodies, to have awareness of our sensations, and to move in the world from a place of connection and alignment. 

The Strozzi Institute, a leader in the field of Somatics, states that Somatic coaching is a transformational process that empowers individuals to more effectively fulfill on their commitments, to work more skillfully with others, and to embody new, generative ways of being. And that Somatic Coaching can help clients to 

  • Build resilience, flexibility, and agility
  • Increase their self-confidence in new areas
  • Accelerate their career trajectory
  • Assist them to manage an increasingly complex world
  • Introduce them to the “felt experience” of being embodied
  • Give them access to multiple intelligences that live in the body
  • Cultivate their leadership presence
  • Focus their talents into purposeful action
  • Create the capacity for them to produce valuable results

We hope these blog posts help to prepare you to receive this powerful resource and get you excited about the healing potential of Somatic Coaching and embodiment practices. Look out for another post in this series next month!