Five Self Care Tips for Busy People

  • Post last modified:December 19, 2023
  • Post category:Counseling

At Kaafi Counseling we understand how busy life can get! Juggling careers, hobbies, family obligations, relationships, and basic self care can be very daunting! Isolation is a common occurrence in our modern world – and the sense that we should do it all on our own can make it even more difficult to juggle so much obligations and responsibilities.

Here we offer five accessible self-care tips for you. We don’t want to add to your plate, or to contribute to the sense that there is always more you could be doing. On the contrary, we offer these tips to help cultivate a sense of space and calmness in your daily life. 

If you are busy and need to incorporate more self- care into your daily routine, try one of these practices – Please consult with your physician before incorporating any of these routine:

Morning Gratitude Meditation:

  • Before you get out of bed in the morning, mentally list 5 things you are grateful for in your life and your world.  These can be the big things or the small; from the health of your family to the softness of your sheets. 
  • Daily gratitude practice has been shown in many studies to increase positive perceptions of one’s life. And it only takes a moment! 

Take Movement Breaks:

  • Throughout your day, take regular breaks for playful simple movement. 
  • This can be gentle and a time to connect with your body to stave off stiffness and sedentary lifestyle. Just two or three minutes every few hours is plenty! 
  • Simple movements can be rolling the neck, circling the arms, circling the hips, or shaking the limbs.

Eat Healthy:

  • Nourish your body! 
  • Prioritize eating something you can chew every 2-3 hours. This will help regulate blood sugar, give stable energy, and support mental well-being. 
  • Fruits, nuts, or crackers can be easy options to grab on the go.

Get outside:

  • There are few things as powerfully calming as being in nature. 
  • Take a short walk if you can. Or even just notice and attend to the nature around you as you walk to your car. If you can’t get outside, try to spend time near a window to get some sunshine and look out and notice what you see.

Bedtime Breathing Practice:

  • Before going to bed, commit to a brief breathing practice to calm the body and mind. 
  • Check out our Breathing Techniques blog post for some ideas.