Who can benefit from Somatic Coaching?

  • Post last modified:December 19, 2023
  • Post category:Counseling

Are you curious about Somatic Coaching and wondering if it could be right for you? 

Somatic Coaching can benefit most people. It is a gentle and customizable modality that can support you in life transitions, goal setting and reaching, transforming patterns and habits, and can supplement traditional talk therapy or psychiatry for more acute or intense experiences or conditions. 

Life Transitions

When big changes happen our bodies and our emotions can take time to catch up and process. Life transitions ripple through more of our life then their seemingly immediate areas –  having children, moving house or city, changing careers or even what can be seen as smaller things like making a new friend, or starting a new healthy habit can affect the way we live in our body. And the way we live in our body affects the totality of our lives. Somatic Coaching can help us become aware of how we are living in our bodies and make changes, if wanted, to support ourselves. 

Goal Setting and Reaching

We can bring awareness to our patterns and habits through Somatic Coaching and make choices to better embody the selves we are working to be and become. We may have a goal to be an effective leader at work but we don’t realize that when we speak to groups we hunch our shoulders and appear stand-offish and cold. Through Somatic practices we can learn to be aware of our patterns and habits and our coach can support us in transforming patterns to meet our goals. 

Supplementing Talk Therapy and Psychiatry

There are times when embodiment is needed to move through or past struggles. Somatic practices like breath work, mindful movement, and sensation awareness are supportive of the work that is done in talk therapy and with psychiatry.

Kaafi Counseling is proud to be offering Somatic Coaching starting in early 2022. We hope you will take advantage of this powerful option.