Welcome to Kaafi Counseling Blog

  • Post last modified:December 19, 2023
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Welcome to the Kaafi Counseling blog!

This space is for you. We will regularly share insights and information that is important to our community.

At Kaafi Counseling we are deeply committed to promoting total wellbeing through individual, couple, family and group therapy. We provide support and guidance as well as consultation, psychoeducation and group learning for individuals, couples and families to enhance coping skills, build resilience, and increase loving and meaningful connections. Kaafi Counseling offers a comprehensive array of assessment and therapy services. Our services are designed to be both therapeutic and psycho-educational. We foster and support change and growth by guiding clients toward healing the wounds of trauma and assisting in the building of resilience to manage stress and life transitions.

In the spirit of passing on knowledge we will use this blog to offer some of the wisdom gained through our work. At the beginning of every month, We will be sharing with you nuggets and nudges for healing and accessible tools to support good mental health and well-being. 

It is our goal and greatest hope that our blogs inspire reflection and action toward personal and community transformation! 

Sharing is caring, so we invite you to feel free to share with others and keep checking back for updates.