What To Expect From Somatic Coaching?

  • Post last modified:December 19, 2023
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Kaafi Counseling is pleased to offer Somatic Coaching with Amal Rogers.

Amal is a somatic researcher, educator, and performance artist. With her work, she strives to empower people toward greater connection with self, others, and the environment. Amal’s grounding in dance and movement gives her a deep and subtle knowledge of the body. She draws on this well of experience to guide clients toward self-awareness and support their discovery and embodiment of their own unique path.

Somatic coaching is a body-based healing modality that helps individuals meet their goals and supports them in personal transformation. Somatic coaching increases sensory awareness by helping clients understand and embody their reality and move toward their desires. Cultivating this awareness widens the availability of choice and the ability to act in alignment with one’s values. Engaging the body and mind in somatic practices supports healing from trauma and oppression. Sessions include breathwork, bodywork, discussion, meditation, visualization, and movement practices drawn from fields such as dance and yoga. 

Sessions are custom-tailored to each client and are always trauma-informed. Somatic Coaching with Amal, through Kaafi Counseling, is a unique offering in that Amal is supported by a community of therapists and social workers. This community allows us to offer a safer environment for transformation.

At Kaafi Counseling we understand and acknowledge how societal structures of white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy affect the body/mind/spirit. Body-based healing is especially beneficial in addressing these types of wounds. And, Amal is particularly interested in supporting BIPOC people on their journey toward wellness and greater connection.

A Somatic Coaching session or practice can be beneficial for anyone looking to connect with their body and to develop skills of regulation, introspection, and mindfulness. This work is appropriate for people working through difficult periods as well as people working towards personal transformation or professional goals. 

Email arogers@kaaficounseling.com to book an appointment.