Self Care and the Holiday Season

  • Post last modified:December 19, 2023
  • Post category:Counseling

In the United States we are entering the Holiday Season. This can be a cozy, family centered and nourishing time and it can also be an anxiety producing and triggering time. We are also cognizant that Holidays come with cultural expectations, familial obligations and the possibility of financial strain. So, we invite you to take time to reflect and prepare before the rush of the holiday season begins.

Take time to reflect and determine what it is about the holidays that brings you pleasure? What elements of the season are you looking forward to and which parts are you already worrying about? What would a peaceful holiday season look like for you and/or your family? 

Maybe break out a journal and try a free write on the topic – a free write is a practice in which you set an amount of time and a starting topic and then write freely, about whatever comes to your mind, without concern for grammar or clarity. You may be surprised by what comes up!

We also invite you to make plans to schedule self-care into your life this season. In this time of family and/or friends gatherings and gift giving it can be easy to forget to pour into yourself too. 

Here are a few suggestions for some holiday season self care:

  • Naps
    • Schedule a nap! Even twenty minutes of sleep can help you reset and give you the nourishment you need. 
  • Rest away from screens
    • If napping is not for you, at least schedule time to rest away from screens. Lay down or sit somewhere comfortable and quiet without scrolling or watching TV, while those activities can be restful, there is no substitute for screen-free time. Take these breaks at least once a day. Bonus if this time can be outdoors! 
  • Budgeting
    • Budgeting as self care may be a surprising suggestion but can be very supportive. Budgeting is a way to see your habits and values clearly. Budgeting before the holidays can also help you to spend appropriately and to end the holiday season feeling stable. 
  • Boundaries
    • Setting clear boundaries with loved ones before holiday gatherings is essential. Let people know if there are topics that are off limits for discussion, or if you will need to leave an event at a certain time, or if there are other considerations needed. 

We wish you a peaceful and healthy holiday season!